Apply for Membership

To become a member, complete and submit the online membership application form.

Please sign this form to indicate that you have read the IMHPJ Code of Ethics and agree to abide by it. The Code of Ethics is available online in the “About” section of this website.
Documentation: Please email

  1. All copies of licenses, professional association memberships, and degrees.
  2. Criteria set out for any licenses you hold.
  3. Documentation about how you meet the clinical membership supervision requirements.
  4. How your academic training meets the clinical membership criteria.

to the Membership Secretary, (see address above). This is an application requirement. In order to be listed in IMHPJ public information, such as directories or the website, documentation of licenses, degrees, training, and professional organization membership must be provided. Any current licenses should be updated to the Membership Secretary annually.


Membership Dues are payable for new members with IMHPJ Treasurer’s Instructions to be sent after your application is reviewed and approved. (Dues are pro-rated as per approved application date.)
Clinical Membership: 10,000
Associate Clinical Membership: 10,000
Affiliate Membership: 4,000
Overseas Alum: 2,000

On acceptance as a IMHPJ Member, please remit the membership fee to the following Post Office account:
Account #: 14460 2305041 アイエムエイチピージェー(IMHPJ written in katakana)

Yearly dues are due and payable on January 1st of each year for all members, including new members who have joined during the previous year.