Apply for Membership

To become a member, complete and submit our online membership application (see below).*

Documentation that must be included for Clinical and Associate Clinical Membership applications:

  • Scanned copies of degrees, certificates, and licenses
  • Number of hours of actual counselling / psychotherapy you have provided (during internships and post graduation)
  • Supporting documents regarding direct counselling hours provided
  • Number of hours of clinical supervision directly relating to counselling provided (during internships and post graduation)
  • Supporting documents regarding supervision hours
  • Proof of residence (e.g., Certificate of Residence [住民票], Visa card [在留カード], US Military DOD/SOFA identification card)

Applications must contain all required information and supporting documents to be considered complete. Please note: Licenses alone are not sufficient evidence for membership.

Membership dues are payable for new members with IMHPJ Treasurer's Instructions to be sent after your application is reviewed and approved.

Clinical Membership: ¥10,000
Associate Clinical Membership: ¥10,000
Affiliate Membership: ¥4000
Alum Membership: ¥2000*All applicants (with the exception of Alum Members) must be living in Japan with plans to reside for a minimum of eight months a year.

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