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Dr. Abbey-Robin Durkin is a clinical psychologist who completed her PhD at the age of 25 years from Palo Alto University and Stanford University specializing in Early Intervention for traumatic stress. After serving as the Chief Psychologist for the Defense Attache Service (Diplomatic Service), she relocated in 2022 to fully devote herself to improving mental health care in Japan. She is the Vice President of International Mental Health Professionals of Japan, and the Vice President of Yokohama Counseling Office. As a practicing psychologist, she provides services to expats, Japanese citizens, and US government and military affiliated personnel and their families across the nation, virtually and in person from Aomori, Tokyo, Yokosuka, & Okinawa. She maintains partnerships with numerous Japanese medical clinics to augment clinical care as needed. Dr. Durkin is also partnered with the Effective Storytelling Academy of Japan, and JICA, for continued outreach of emotional literacy & development for Japanese children and families.

Clients I Work With
Children, adolescents, adults, and elderly. Special populations include military personnel and their families, diplomatic personnel and their families, and corporations/ executives in the realm of leadership development
Services I Offer
Dr Durkin offers cognitive behavioral therapy, prolonged exposure therapy (including modified protocols), early intervention for acute stress disorder, psychodynamic therapy, brief limited psychological supportive counseling, cognitive processing therapy, narrative therapy, dialectical and behavioral therapy.
For non-clinical services, she offers leadership coaching and development, work with corporate teams to improve interpersonal dynamics, psycho-education specific to financial decision making, public speaking on a variety of topics (including pod casting and social media), and patient advocacy within both civilian and military treatment systems.
Name of Practice
Yokohama Counseling Office
080 7334 1979
Business Address
7-1-21, Minamisuna, Koto-Ku, Tokyo, 136-0076, Japan
Service Fee
TRICARE clients ¥26,000 (excluding tax, as TRICARE clients do not pay tax)
TRICARE Select clients ¥2,400 (including tax)
Adults ¥20,000 (including tax)
Special Circumstances ¥15,000 (including tax)
9am-9am except Mondays and Saturdays
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology (Palo Alto University and Stanford University); MS in Research Methods and Statistics (Palo Alto University); BA in Psychology (University of Colorado)
Licensure & Registration
USA, Nevada PY0546
Dr. Durkin previously worked in diplomacy for 12 years providing services around the world to diplomats and their families struggling with culture shock, bullying, personality conflicts, and acute stress related to political crises. She has also served in the armed forces as a psychologist, Honorably Discharged as a Major 0-4 in 2013, and maintains good connections and cultural competence within the military treatment facilities across Japan. She has authored a children's book called Life As Strange: Navigating Rough Waters that speaks to the challenges of childhood as told through the eyes of her amazing guinea pig named Strange. These stories speak to complex topics in simple ways, and she provides monthly readings in English, Japanese, and French, across the Tokyo area. Dr. Durkin is a single mother, and raised an amazing son while living on a sail boat for 7 years between California and Maryland. Her passion is mentorship of women, LGBTQA+ communities, and helping people transform into the best versions of themselves. Now she serves as the Vice President of both the Yokohama Counseling office, and IMHPJ, with the hopes of continuing to open doors and level for future leaders in the mental health space of Japan.
Additional Education
SERE psychologist, specializing in repatriation and survival in austere circumstances.

Aeromedical Psychologist; specializing in crew coordination of aircrew with special attention to MEDEVAC environments.

Critical Incident Stress Management expert; specializing in disaster psychology, delivery of care to individuals and systems impacted by natural and manmade disasters.

Industrial Organizational psychology; specializing in non-clinical populations navigate personality conflicts- certified MBTI coach.