Member Name: ISHIWATARI, Nydes
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Profession: Physiotherapist/ Physical Therapist
Languages: English (fluent), ​Romanian (native), Japanese (upper basic)
Business Phone Number: 080-8431-3775
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Services: Private physiotherapy for infants, children and adults. Over ten years experience, primarily in pediatric physiotherapy with infants and children. Available to see and evaluate the client to create and implement a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Treatment is offered at the client’s home within the Tokyo, Yokohama and Saitama areas. ​
Degree: BA, Babes Bolyai University, Physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, 2004
Notes: ​- Neurology:
Tetraplegia; Diplegia; Hemiplegia; Paraplegia; Spinal bifida; Cerebral palsy; Ataxia and more.

– Orthopedic:
Arthrogryposis (pre & post operative); Scoliosis (C, S deviation); Kyphosis (Upper & Lower spine); Tight (trunk, spine) muscles; Rehabilitation postoperative after fractures (Upper and Lower members); Hypotonic muscles, Gait/Walk dysfunction and more.

– Early development (specialising in Motor Delay for children lower or upper than 1 year old): Gross Motor & Fine Motor.

Using multiple method techniques as: Bobath, NDT, Kabat, Schroth, HELP program along with Sensorial integration combining with Regulation of Emotion. Also, using licensed PT professional software and FMFM score testing.

Developing my own technique: Functional Therapy
I also have extensive experience working with Autistic and Down Syndrome children.