Name: JASTRAM, Joan
Profession: Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist
Clients I Work With: Women–College students, Adults, Elderly
Services: Individual, face to face psychotherapy as well as secure on-line counseling
Location of Services: , , ,
Membership Status:
Currently Accepting Clients?: No
Name of Practice: Dr. Joan Jastram
Cost of Services: 10,000 Yen/50 min. session
Hours: 10-6 pm weekdays

TOKYO | ONLINE:  I am a licensed clinical psychologist from the U.S. (St. Paul, Minnesota) where I earned my doctoral degree and worked for five years in a private practice before moving to Tokyo in 2016. Perhaps you are feeling like Dorothy in the land of Oz— somewhat disoriented and struggling with transitions. Or you may have been in Japan awhile, but could use some help in addressing emotional or relational difficulties that are more challenging in a new environment. I would like to help. As you may have discovered when you moved, emotional issues tag along, and, in some cases, grow in the face of foreign life stressors. My private practice provides a safe, supportive space that makes room for you to explore, identify and process these issues and move towards a more intentional life with greater freedom, decreased compulsive and impulsive behaviors, and healthier relationships. ​Now that’s the place in which we would all like to live!

Directions: West Tokyo in Mitaka, near ICU – Fifteen minutes south of Mitaka Train Station (on the JR Chuo line)
Notes: From a psychodynamic perspective, my understanding of your problem takes into account relational patterns developed in childhood. My stance will sometimes be reflective and clarifying of what you express, and at other times more active as you explore and try to understand behaviors or painful emotions that may be blocking change or growth. Central to all my work is the belief that change occurs as self-awareness grows.
Degree: Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology from Minnesota School of Professional Psychology–Argosy University/Twin Cities
Licensure & Registration: MN Psychologist, License Certificate: LP5136