Profession: Counselor, School Counselor, Psychotherapist, College Faculty/Researcher on Mental Health

I am a master’s level social worker licensed in New York State (LMSW). I work with young adults, middle-aged, and older individuals with cross-cultural adjustment problems, stress, depression, anxiety, family and relationship issues and more. Also as a sociologist (Ph.D.) specializing in mental health and as a college faculty of international programs, I have been counselling foreign students as well as Japanese students for almost 20 years. I have researched and written extensively on cross-cultural psychological issues and have given many public lectures on the topic.

Clients I Work With: Adults, Adolescents, Older Adults, Women, Men, Students, Gay/Lesbian, Returnees
Services I Offer: Individual Psychotherapy, Individual Counseling, Seminars and Workshops, Information and Referral, Consultation
Currently Accepting Clients?: Yes
Cost of Services: Negotiable.
Languages: Japanese, English
Hours: Negotiable.
Notes: Sept.2013- Present Counselor, Lakeland University Japan [Internship]

Psychotherapist/counselor at NPOs as follows.
Jan.2012-May 2012. New York Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene
Sept.2011-Dec.2011. Hunter College Student Counseling Services
Sept. 2010-May 2011. St. Mark’s Place Institute of Mental Health (Outpatient psychiatric clinic, NYC)

Advisor to the Counselling Street Inc. (EAP consulting company)

Single authored books:
(1) Families Coping with Mental Illness: Stories from the U.S. and Japan. 2006. Routledge. (U.S.A.)
(2) Mental Health Challenges Facing Contemporary Japanese Society: The Lonely People. 2009. Brill (UK-Netherland)
(3)うつ病治療と現代アメリカ社会。日本は何を学べるか。(Book in Japanese—Translated title: Depression treatment and Contemporary American Society: What can Japan learn from them?) 2012. Kaimeisha Publishing.

Plus a number of academic papers on cross-cultural mental health issues.
Degree: PhD, MA, MS, MSW
Licensure & Registration: Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in the State of New York. (#087134) Registered since 2012.
Additional Education: Master of Social Work (The City University of New York, Hunter College)
Ph.D in Sociology (The University of California, Los Angeles) (Specializing in social psychology and mental health)
M.S. (Mass Communication) (Boston University)
B.A. Doshisha University (Japan)