Clients I Work With:
Adults, Men and Women of All Ages, Students, Teenagers, LGBTs
Services I Offer:
Hypnotherapy, Seminars, and Workshops
Japanese, English
Cost of Services:
5,000 yen/hour
Available from 9:00 to 17:00
More than 200 cases: identifying and achieving the goal of your life, improving self-evaluation and gaining self-confidence, human relationships at home/office, love relations, divorce issues, blood circulation, stiff shoulders, headaches, backaches, wrinkle care, weight reduction, menopausal disorder, tinnitus, dizziness, dry eyes, hay fever, insomnia, stress, anxiety, PTSD, smoking cessation, nail-biting, phobias, addiction, support and ego-strengthening in Cancer Patients, age regression, past life regression, etc.

Scholarly Publications and Presentations:
Removing a Stressful Emotion. COCORL, Training Seminar for Therapists: Spiritual Care (June 2018)
Improving Your Life through Hypnotherapy. Women Educators and Language Learners, Annual Conference (March 2018)
Hypnotic Language Pattern for Motivating Your Students. Ferris University, Annual Teacher Development Conference (August 2016)
Incorporating NLP for Better Classroom Dynamics. Aoyama Gakuin University, IE Orientation and 21st Annual Faculty Development and Symposium on University English Teaching (April 2014)
Language for Better Communication: Three Case Studies of Senility, Anxiety Disorder, and Stress English Teachers in Japan (2011)
Yoga for Teachers; How to Relax and Relieve Back Pain. Paper presented at Aoyama University IE Orientation and 17th Annual Faculty Development Symposium on University English Teaching (April 2010)
Reflection and Transformation through Yoga and Meditation. Paper presented at Autonomy course, Teachers College Columbia University (April 2009)
Yoga and Learner Autonomy: Self-control, Self-awareness, and Personal Growth Technique. Paper presented at Autonomy course, Teachers college Columbia University (April 2008)
Autonomy through Yoga and Meditation. Paper presented at The Independent Learning Association) (October 2007)
Wakui, Y., Kohyama, M., & Ishikawa, H. (2006). Yoga and Meditation for Better Language Learning. In K. Bradford-Watts, C. Ikeguchi, & M. Swanson (Eds.) JALT 2006 Conference Proceedings. Tokyo: JALT.
Additional Education:
2020 Hypnotherapy – Basic by IHC Ihatov Hypnotherapy Center
2019 Somatic Healing by the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis
2019 Past Life Training V by the Creative Management International by Japan Medical Hypnosis Association
2019 Hypnotherapy through the Power of Subconscious Mind by Japan Medical Hypnosis Association
2018 Hypnotic Induction Method for Hypnotherapists by Japan Medical Hypnosis Association
2018 Past Life Regression Therapy by The Weiss Institute
2017 Ericksonian Hypnoisis by Japan Association of Addiction Interventionist, Certified
2017 Passion in Action by Giveness International
2011 International Hypnosis Federation by Shelley Stockwell Nicholas, Certified 12628
2011 Advanced Hypnotic Techniques by International Therapy Training Organization, Certified 1266
2010 The Art of Generative Coaching by Holon PBI and Alastair Prentice
2009-2012 NLP Master Practitioner by Transformations International (130 hours)
2009 Time Line Therapy TM Practitioner by Time Line Therapy Association, Certified
2007-2010 NLP Practitioner by Transformations International (130 hours), Certified
2005 Science of Being and Art of Living: Transcendental Meditation by Meditation Center of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Certified