Online Membership Application

IMHPJ is committed to supporting the highest standards of ethical and professional practice by the international community of mental health providers here in Japan. With that in mind, all applicants must review the IMHPJ Code of Ethics (2020) before completing this application. IMHPJ is a voluntary association of professionals and not a licensing body. 

Membership is divided into four categories: Clinical, Associate Clinical, Affiliate and Alum. Please use the information on the Membership Qualifications page to determine the category for which you qualify.

Confidential Information

The information you provide on this form is used only: 1) to verify your qualifications; 2) to certify your membership category; and 3) to communicate among IMHPJ members regarding IMHPJ–related matters. Your information will not be used for any other purpose and will not be shared with any third parties.

Academic Degree, Licensure, Registration, & Experience

All Clinical and Associate Clinical Member applicants must list academic degrees with dates of completion and places of study. Please upload documents below. Scanned copies are acceptable.

If you are also licensed or registered in your home country, please provide license/registration numbers, photocopies and website addresses to verify your current status, etc.

NOTE: Please provide evidence of your credentials and training experience:

  1. with website information, including links, and a copy of a license or registration;
  2. with official document copies that show your hours of clinical work with hours of supervision; or
  3. with a letter detailing how you meet the criteria above, including verifiable data.

NOTE: In order to be listed publicly on our website and in other directories, photocopies of all relevant academic degrees, licenses, registrations, and professional organization memberships must be included with this application, with translations if necessary.

Please review the IMHPJ Constitution and IMHPJ Code of Ethics.