Benefits of Becoming a Member

  • Your status as an international mental health therapist here in Japan entitles you to use IMHPJ Clinical Member or IMHPJ Associate Clinical Member after your name. 
  • You become part of a national organization of mental health professionals who provide a service to the national and international community here in Japan.
  • Your name is listed on the IMHPJ website in the Membership Directory, where your credentials and specialties can be viewed by potential clients who are searching for a therapist. 
  • Your name and services become visible to referral sources such as embassies, medical practitioners, and schools.
  • By signing IMHPJ’s Code of Ethics your potential clients are assured that you adhere to ethical and professional practice and provide a way to have redress if they have complaints.
  • Continuing education (certificates provided), networking, professional development and socializing opportunities are available through the annual IMHPJ conference.  
  • An opportunity to supervise or to be supervised by other IMHPJ members including being involved in peer supervision groups and other clinical activities are available. 
  • Professional development opportunities are provided both through our annual conference as well as involvement with the IMHPJ Board and its various subcommittees.
  • You have access to an online network that can be used to seek out consultation and referral information, as well as to share and find mental health related resources.
  • You have an opportunity to mix with professionals and like-minded people from a range of mental health disciplines. 
  • You become part of a network of international therapists who can be called upon in the event of a natural disaster.
  • And last, but not least, you receive discounts when you register for IMHPJ conferences and events. Hurrah!

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Membership Qualifications:
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Payment: On acceptance as a IMHPJ Member, please remit the membership fee to the following Post Office account:
Account #: 14460 2305041 アイエムエイチピージェー(IMHPJ written in katakana)
Yearly dues are due and payable on January 1st of each year for all members, including new members who have joined during the previous year.

Clinical Membership Dues: 10,000 yen
Associate Clinical Membership Dues: 10,000 yen
Affiliate Membership Dues: 4000 yen
Overseas Alum Dues: 2000 yen

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