Official IFS Level 1 Training in Opportunity in Japan, 2024!

Einat Bronstein, International Lead Trainer – Internal Family Systems Institute (IFS-I) and co-founder and director of the Israeli Institute of IFS) – is committed to offering an IFS-I endorsed Level 1 training in Japan in 2024! Using a format that features didactic teaching, live demonstrations of the therapeutic process, small group practice sessions (under the guidance of experienced program assistants) and large group discussions, this 12-day experiential training will provide significant depth to your practice, and your career and personal development.

IFS is one of the fastest-growing psychotherapeutic models in the world. It offers an evidence based, non-pathologising and empowering understanding of intra-and interpersonal relationships. This dynamic model invites the client and therapist to enter into a transformative relationship that helps the client heal even their most wounded and traumatized parts.

IFS is rapidly growing in demand, not only in North America, Australia, and Europe but also in China, Korea, Thailand, and Singapore. There are over 7,000 therapists waitlisted for training in the modality and the demand for IFS-I trained therapists is high.

You may be interested in listening to a podcast with Einat on the topic of the therapeutic relationship, or on burdens carried by therapist parts

To learn more about Einat, please see a short biography about Einat here.

If you’d like to learn more about IFS, here is an interview with its developer, Richard Schwartz, PhD: What is Internal Family Systems?

If you are interested in this training or have any questions regarding it, please email Jillian Sugiyama at: to register your interest.

Additional information about the workshop:

    • Participants learn the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy model through supported practice (1:3 ratios with IFS trained and experienced program assistants “PA”), demos, didactic teachings, and small and large group discussions.
    • The training could be offered either in-person (12 days of training, 0900 – 1800 offered in two 6 day blocks), online (88 hours over two blocks of days, equivalent to 6 days of training in each week) or in a hybrid model (ie the first 6 day block live and the second 6 day block online)
    • The minimum number of participants is 21 and the maximum is 33
    • The estimated fee for the training is $3500 USD
    • If the training is in-person, the fee for participant accommodations would be in addition to the training costs
    • Participants from the following fields are welcomed:
      • Mental and medical healthcare professionals
      • Pastoral counsellors
      • Mental health or doctoral students
      • Professionals in allied healthcare fields
      • Dance, art, and music professionals

Ideally the inaugural training would include a combination of Japanese and non-Japanese participants. Since all of the training materials are currently only available in English, and there is the matter of needing bilingual PA’s, it would be best if the initial round of trainees were English speaking with several being bilingual in Japanese.

Further information on Internal Family Systems can be found at: .


On a personal note, I, Jillian Sugiyama, have immersed myself in Internal Family Systems since IMHPJ brought Susan McConnell to Kyoto for a workshop in 2018. It didn’t just change my approach to therapy, it changed my relationship with myself! I finally had a framework for understanding my intra- and interpersonal relationships and a clearer path toward self-acceptance, healing, and wholeness. I can think of nothing more satisfying than sharing IFS with my fellow mental health practitioners and the broader culture in Japan.

I look forward to sharing this modality with you and with the people living in Japan. If you are interested in this training or have any questions regarding it, please email: to register your interest.

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